Terms of Purchase for Launch Accelerator

1. Introduction
This agreement outlines the terms and conditions (the "Terms") for participation in the Launch Accelerator program (the "Program") operated by The Launch Library. By purchasing access to the Program, you (the "Participant") agree to these Terms.

2. Program Inclusions
The Program includes the following:

- Access to our launch template library.
- 12 weeks of support from the start date of the program.
- Training sessions as scheduled
- Group support calls for collaborative learning and problem-solving
- Scheduled office hours for additional guidance
- Implementation days dedicated to practical application of learned skills
- Personal accountability support to keep you on track
- Personalized feedback on your marketing assets

3. Program Duration and Access
The Program begins on January 8, 2024, and runs for 12 consecutive weeks. Participants will have lifetime access to the Program materials. Participants will receive support for the duration of the Program.

4. Payment and Fees
The total fee for the Program is as shown on this checkout page.

5. No Refund Policy
Due to the nature of the resources and support provided, we do not offer refunds for any reason. By agreeing to these Terms, you acknowledge and accept this no refund policy.

6. Chargeback and Dispute Policy
In the event of a chargeback or payment dispute initiated by the Participant, The Launch Library reserves the right to immediately suspend access to the Program and all associated services.
- The Participant agrees to resolve any billing issues directly with The Launch Library before initiating a chargeback or dispute with their payment provider.
- If a chargeback is raised by the Participant without first attempting to resolve the issue directly with The Launch Library, this will be considered a breach of these Terms.
- The Participant is responsible for any fees, including legal and administrative costs, incurred by The Launch Library in responding to and resolving chargeback disputes.

7. Participant Responsibilities
Participants are responsible for:

- Actively engaging in the Program.
- Completing tasks and assignments in a timely manner.
- Respecting the confidentiality and intellectual property rights of the Program and fellow participants.

8. Intellectual Property
All materials provided in the Program, including but not limited to templates, worksheets, and training materials, are the intellectual property of The Launch Library and are provided for personal use only.

9. Limitation of Liability
The Launch Library is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses or damages arising from or in connection with the Participant's involvement in the Program.

10. Dispute Resolution
Any disputes arising under these Terms will be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the rules of South Carolina.

11. Acknowledgement and Agreement
By purchasing access to the Program, the Participant acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to these Terms.
I agree


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